Mirkwood Campaign - Two-Handed


Really happy with how these two decks turned out. Probably has a lot of flaws that better deckbuilders will recognize, but I had a great time going through the Mirkwood campaign with this fellowship! Not thematic, just wanted to put together two decks that work well together.

The MVP of this deck is DĂșnhere. Get a Spear of the Mark on him, Unexpected Courage, and a Dagger of Westernesse and you'll see him hitting all the big bosses up in the staging long before they engage you. With the two threat levels of the decks being 25 and 26 respectively, I was able to avoid the hill troll and other nasty enemies for a few turns. Along with a lot of threat reduction with spirit, I was able to do a lot even when I wasn't able to find other big cards like A Burning Brand or Citadel Plate for Denethor. As long as I found the Gondorian Shield he could defend against pretty much anything. Legolas I just tried getting anything attack boosts I could get along with Arod.

Being in the campaign, I purposely gave Thalin the most damage during Anduin so he was made the prisoner for Dol Guldur. It was my best win against the quest. With the boons to help a little, I was able to hold my own, and eventually take out the Nazgul in one turn. It was also my first attempt at the Dark of Mirkwood quests. I went fairly blind into them, and I had a great couple of days of playing.

This is my first time publishing a deck, and writing out a description. Probably not extremely helpful, but if anyone wants to try them, I'd love some feedback as to how to improve my deck building.

Happy Playing!