Forth Eorlingas

Urthli 121



These two decks bring out the best of the Rohan Archetype. Ride of the Horse Lords leans heavily into the discard mechanic and mount aspect of the Rohan theme while Warriors of the Riddermark revolves around attacking into the staging area while maintaining low threat. They work just fine in single player mode but are even more fun when played together.


When crafting these two decks, I used a single cardpool for both decks in which every Adventure Pack or Expansion is only included once. So if one deck plays 3x Escort from Edoras, the other deck won't be playing that card at all.


Since this fellowship plays a bunch of Rohan characters, I thought it'd be nice to see how they relate. Many of these characters are descendants from the line of Eorl. Below you can find a family tree of the House of Eorl as well as a listing of Rohirrim of notable renown. These warriors served under King Théoden, as high ranking commanders, banner men, messengers, or soldiers of Rohan.

The House of Eorl

Characters with a tiny deckbox icon are included in this fellowship. Golden portrait frames indicate Rohirrim heritage while the silver frame indicates Gondorian heritage.