Singing and Stealing

Sfrug 378


A standard two-handed fellowship with one fighting deck and one questing deck. For quests where doing those things are enough it tends to do really well—it's taken down both Massing at Osgiliath and nightmare Raid on the Grey Havens. But if you get a quest where the lack of treachery cancellation, limited healing & limited threat control is a problem, then this will sink (it's lost to a few easy quests if there's a game ending treachery in there—particularly one that can take out (MotK) Rosie Cotton). (I have yet to try and add a cancellation deck, like Qwaz's Nope Deck say, because while these two decks are good they aren't so good that I'm confident they can handle three deck's worth of questing and fighting, particularly in the first few rounds before they get fully set up.)

The play is mostly straightforward. A few notes:

  • Sometimes it's best to have the questing deck actually take an enemy: you can defend with either Beregond or Grimbeorn the Old, both sentintal (or even a Winged Guardian), and then kill it with Bard the Bowman, maybe with the help of Legolas or a Vassal of the Windlord. That is, since Bard's attack is bigger when he's doing ranged, if you have an enemy that takes 7 or 8 to kill, then Bard plus either Legolas or the Windlord can do it ranged but not if you keep it local. And, of course, later in the game, Rosie Cotton can kill things if you provide a defense.
  • Grimbeorn's attack is similarly strengthened, in his case if he's defending; worth bearing in mind when planning your attack run.
  • If the questing deck draws into a third Let Us Sing Together (the first goes on Rosie, of course, and I usually put the second on Erestor) then Bard can add to questing.
  • Song of Healing can go on one of the defending heroes to help keep them healthy, or on one of the two questing deck's heroes to take (and heal) direct damage.