Men of the West

Onidsen 930


This is a Gondor/Rohan fellowship designed to make use of several seldom utilized cards - particularly Knight of Minas Tirith and Defender of Cair Andros.

The mono- deck provides early questing power, and has a number of options available to help deal with combat threats. The / deck provides threat reduction and resource generation for both decks, and is focused on amassing a Gondor ally swarm boosted by Boromir, Faramir, and Visionary Leadership.


Dec 21, 2017 D4rkWolf10 400

@Onidsencool fellowship, did you consider the Mutual Accord/For Gondor! combo and find it lacking?

Dec 21, 2017 Onidsen 930

I like the idea, and I considered both cards. In the end, it came down to deck space and the feeling like I already had enough attack power at my disposal. In these decks, out feels more like a "win more" sort of thing.

Sep 15, 2020 Olander 130

Need to try this:)