From the Halls of Cirdan the Shores of Umbar


A fellowship built to take on the Grey Havens and the Dreamchaser cycle. Both decks work really well outside of that context, though, so this is one my partner and I will be revisiting a bunch. The Silvan provide the combat and some questing, the Noldor provide the questing and some combat.

Generally, Imrahil defends one attacker, while the Noldor try to grab the rest, since they have more defenders. Whatever combination of allies left standing strikes back. Enemies generally died as quickly as we wanted them to, and rarely did we feel overwhelmed. During the sailing quests, Narya was fantastic for readying our ships and letting them strike back, allowing us to quickly sink the corsairs. The biggest danger was taking too many ships at once early on, and, in the quests with it, the "Winds of Wrath" treachery, which usually wiped out whatever contingent of Silvan allies was present. Otherwise, it was smooth sailing; we only had to retry two quests, Voyage Across Belegaer and Flight of the Stormcaller.

This was our first time through the cycle. Its easily a contender for the best so far.


Nov 03, 2018 Benedikt 186

I am suprised that there is no Light of Valinor in your fellowship. If you attach it to Cirdan, he can quest and use Narya in the combat phase. Then I would play your copy of Unexpected Courage on Galadriel, so she can support your questers with Nenya and also give card draw and threat reduction to your fellowship!

Looks like a great fellowship!

Nov 03, 2018 RogueWraith 93

Don't own it yet, unfortunately. It is a natural inclusion. Heir of Mardil and the Naith Guides fill in for it, since they can functionally work the same way. Never did stick Unexpected Courage on Galadriel though, I'll have to keep that in mind next time.