Lord of the Rings Saga, First Attempt 2.1


These are the four mono-sphere decks me and my girlfriend are using for our first attempt in playing the whole Saga, but also the ones we are using to play through basically all the scenarios of the game, see here for the details.

The Campaign Log So Far

Completed Scenarios (wins/number of tries)

The Black Riders

  • A Shadow of the Past (1/1), 6 turns, 183 points
  • A Knife in the Dark (1/1), 6 turns, 155 points
  • Flight to the Ford (1/1), 5 turns, 139 points

The Road Darkens

  • The Rings goes South (1/1), 6 turns, 193 points
  • Journey in the Dark (1/1), 9 turns, 232 points (we didn't kill the Balrog)
  • Breaking of the Fellowship (1/1), 11 turns, 263 points

The Treason of Saruman

  • The Uruk-Hai (1/1), 6 turns, 138 points
  • Helm's Deep (1/1), 9 turns, 227 points
  • The Road to Isengard (1/2), 6 turns, 169 points

The Land of Shadow

  • The Passage of the Marshes (1/3), 7 turns, 183 points
  • Journey to the Cross-Roads (1/1), 7 turns, 196 points
  • Shelob's Lair (1/1), 11 turns, 238 points

The Flame of the West

  • The Passage of the Grey Company (1/1), 9 turns, 248 points
  • The Siege of Gondor (1/1), 5 turns, 157 points
  • The Battle of Pelennor Fields (1/1), 7 turns, 167 points

The Mountain of Fire

  • The Tower of Cirith Ungol (1/4), 7 turns, 183 points
  • The Black Gate Opens (1/2), 8 turns, 527 points


Captives at the end of the Breaking of the Fellowship: Théodred, Mablung, Eleanor and Damrod

Switched Aragorn for Denethor at the start of The Uruk-Hai, so +1 starting threat to everyone.

At the end of Passage of the Marshes, Leadership, Tactics and Spirit accepted the +2 starting threat penalty, while Lore got The Searching Eye burden (Speak Your Promise acts as a placeholder for that card).

Under the Black Gate at the end of Journey to the Cross-Roads: Oliphaunt 1x, Haradrim Archer 1x, Man of Harad 1x, Haradrim Soldier 1x

Resources on The Corsair Fleet at the end of The Siege of Gondor: 5

Resources on The Black Gate: 8

Campaign Pool


  • Mr Underhill [removed]

  • Noble Hero, to Théodred

  • Tireless Ranger to Beregond

  • Skilled Healer to Eleanor

  • Valiant Warrior to Faramir

  • Anduril in Leadership's deck [Orcrist acting as a placeholder]

  • Glamdring in Tactics's deck [using the Treasure version as a placeholder]

  • Sting in Spirit's deck [using the Treasure version as a placeholder]

  • Mithril Shirt in Lore's deck [using the Treasure version as a placeholder]

  • Three Golden Hairs, to Boromir [removed in The Passage of the Grey Company]

  • Leaf Wrapped Lembas to Legolas [removed in The Black Gate Opens]

  • Phial of Galadriel to Arwen Undómiel [removed in The Black Gate Opens]

  • Lorien Rope to Faramir [removed in Passage of the Marshes]

  • Leader of Men, to Théodred

  • Forewarned to Beregond

  • Hands of a Healer to Eleanor

  • Intimidation to Faramir

  • Palanthir of Orthanc, in Lore's deck instead of the Mithril Shirt when we play without Frodo

  • Brace of Coneys, to Tactics [removed in Journey to the Cross-Roads]

  • Army of the Dead [removed in The Siege of Gondor]

  • Esquire of Gondor, to Elrond

  • Esquire of Rohan, to Faramir


  • The Rings Draws Them (from A Shadow of the Past)
  • Panicked (from Flight to the Ford)
  • Overcome by Terror (from Flight to the Ford)
  • Shadow of Fear (from Journey in the Dark)[removed in Breaking of the Fellowship]
  • Pursued by the Enemy (from Journey in the Dark)
  • Overcome by Grief (from Journey in the Dark)
  • Grievous Wound (from Journey in the Dark)
  • Followed by Night (from Breaking of the Fellowship)
  • The Searching Eye in Lore's deck (from Passage of the Marshes) [Speak Your Promise acts as a placeholder]
  • A Heavy Burden, to Frodo Baggins (from Shelob's Lair)
  • Wraith on Wings x4 (from The Battle of Pelennor Fields) [all 4 removed in The Black Gate Opens]

Sep 09, 2019 Denison 477

This is incredible. Not sure there are any 4P saga fellowships here, not to mention with this kind of record. Bravo!

Sep 12, 2019 Alonewolf87 302

Thanks. I have to admit I really hated The Passage of the Marshes. In 4 players the Mire keyword kept discarding 2 locations each turn average and it was really annoying, even with Asfaloth and the Northern Trackers around. The Battle of Pelennor Fields was really epic and stands amongst our most beloved quests ever, so when we went to this year's Lure of Middle Earth was one of the quest we played for the Marathon Challenge with a couple of German guys with some thematic decks (one Rohan, one Gondor, one Outlands, one Grey Company) and ended up having a blast (and questing for more then 100 Willpower in one round, with no ally Faramir :D)