The Sniper Decks

Jtothemac 300


The idea behind these decks is to keep the enemy from getting an attack off on you. Keep them in the staging area, deal direct damage with Bilbo and Argalad, or attack them with Dunhere or Eomer. These decks are not strong against location heavy or low threat enemies.

You'll notice a lot of guarded cards. Ideally, you get the Ring of Thrór on Thalin, so that you can start getting the attachment engine going (and oh by the way, he's not a bad defender in a pinch).

Necklace of Girion goes on Éomer no question -- you will be wanting to trigger his ability along with questing. the necklace gives you a resource each turn plus the "worth it" will power.

Firefoot would be the next best attachment for Eomer, but any of the +2 attack boosts will work too.

Dúnhere needs the Spear of the Mark to be effective. Again, any +2 attachments work but I can't anticipate anyone wants to use more than 2 guarded cards, even with Bilbo's help in getting them. Get two spears on Dunhere? Trolls become no issue.

Hobbit Pony-- get them on the hobbits. Merry can be used for questing if no enemies pop (otherwise use him for threat reduction). Putting the other pony on Bilbo Baggins allows him to wait til the staging area is set to decide who has the highest threat and who wants to get thr damage. You will want at least one in your starting hand. No ponies? Hopefully you pulled the Westfold Horse-breeder to go get it.


May 29, 2019 Seastan 24002

How about Dagger of Westernesse? Probably superior to Elven Spear here. Light of Valinor is also great for Argalad. And I think Unexpected Courage is better than Steed of the Mark, as after you've triggered the steed 1 time you've already paid as much as UC.

Jun 13, 2019 Jtothemac 300

Hey @Seastan thanks for taking the time to look over my deck. Light of Valinor is a GREAT call, I hadn't thought about sneaking him into questing and triggering his ability. Steed was chosen specifically so that westfold hose-breeder has minimal chance of whiffing when putting her into play (her main inclusion is if you don't get at least one copy of Hobbit pony -- I think that's a necessary grab). But yes, long term, courage is better than steed. Maybe 1 and 1? With dagger vs spear, I am still thinking spear is superior to put on argalad so that you can optionally control how much you raise your attack power. The dagger drops to 1 base, and since you are not engaging any enemies you dont have to, I anticipate the dagger will always be +1 attack for all intents and purposes. I guess it depends on the types of enemies in the scenario but he could Argalad could hypothetically drop a 5 threat enemy down to 0 threat, and do 1 damage.

Jun 13, 2019 Seastan 24002

How many enemies do you encounter with 5 ? With two daggers, or a dagger and a bow, Argalad will be at 4 base, without the need to continually discard. Even just 3 should be enough for 90% of the enemies in this game.

Jun 13, 2019 Seastan 24002

Oh, and if you do go with Light of Valinor for Argalad, then Mirkwood Long-knife is pretty great for him.