A Host of Galadhrim

Denison 542


Here is an update to a fellowship built to beat the City of Ulfast. This group features Balin instead of Sam and more card draw to help get those events.

The goal for the fellowship is to help a deck draw three cards a round in order to find key events. Initially the priority might be finding A Test of Will to avoid a game ending treachery. Alternatively, the goal might be to dig for Sneak Attack or Reinforcements in order to take out some enemies in the staging area. Between Gildor Inglorion and Galadriel this fellowship allows for consistent card draw every round for the deck that needs it.

Many quests allow for a 1st round side quest, so Thurindir and Double Back help keep threat low and enemies in staging. The goal is then to use Gandalf and Descendant of Thorondor to nuke any enemies in staging, which is an incredibly fun way to play the game.


Jan 31, 2020 eldub 389

The fact that Hithlain is in the deck and put to good use is great. Thanks for sharing.