Minimum Purchase Fellowship for The Three Trials


Minimum Purchase Fellowship for Three Trials quest.

Having tried Three Trails several times in true solo with other minimum purchase decks I built, playing it 2 handed is a lot easier. Just having double the resources to play allies for chump blocking makes a big difference. I was able to beat the quest on the first attempt with these two decks.

The short general strategy is to play an ally from each deck a turn for chump blocking and build up some questing power. Start with Trial of Intuition since you can hopefully defeat the guardian early and slow roll the quest to build up a little bit. That said, one the barrows limits the players to 5 allies total. If this isn't the first barrow to come up you can play around it which is what I did. I made sure the battle deck had 1 or 2 allies in play for chump blocking and let the questing deck have 3 to chump and help quest.

Short notes on playing the decks:

  • Both decks have lots of allies for chump blocking
  • Quest deck has a good amount of location control as the quest is location heavy.
  • Battle deck has resource acceleration it can share to help with the more expensive allies in the quest deck.
    • Steward should go on Legolas as most Leadership allies can be played with Aragorn and Theodred's resources.
    • Beravor is the next target for Horn of Gondor or Keys of Orthanc as there are a lot of lore allies. Otherwise Theodred should help to add lore resources.
  • Early on if Beravor or Gleowine can give the Battle deck cards they should do so because it will lose a lot of allies during the game.
  • Wizard's Voice should be saved for when it helps both decks as it can prevent 1 attack each. It would be amazing if available in the last stage when all 3 guardians are out.
  • One Test of Will should be saved for stage 3 to cancel Guardian's Fury to keep all guardians from attacking during staging. You'll likely need to block them all twice in a round to travel to the final location and win as it is. The fury during staging could mean the difference between victory and defeat.
  • These decks may not be able to linger in Trail of Intuition long if you play a lot Doomed cards. There is not much threat reduction in the decks with only The Galadhrim's Greeting and Gandalf. In my game, I couldn't defeat the guardian fast enough anyway before the encounter deck ran out.