Gondor goes Into Ithilien


I made these decks because I wanted to use Leadership Boromir and take advantage of the Gondor trait. I have changed these decks quite a bit since their first incarnation, they began as Mono-Lore and Mono-Leadership decks but I found the starting threat was too high and I wanted access to some Spirit cards. I used to have Damrod, Denethor, Treebeard for the Traps deck and Boromir, Faramir, Théodred for the Boromir deck. The cards in the sideboard are cards that used to be in the decks.

I also wanted to build a pair of decks that could beat Into Ithilien without Spirit Glorfindel or relying on Dáin Ironfoot. I have had reasonable success against Into Ithilien, I have recorded 13 games with a 46% winrate, but some of those were with the old hero lineup which started on 30 threat, and in the last 5 games I have won 4 and lost 1. This easily makes it my best set of decks against Into Ithilien. I have put details of the strategy against Into Ithilien in the description of each deck.

Against other quests I have had mixed success. The willpower is very low, so against quests which need lots of early questing I don't think these decks are very good. I have also tried: Encounter at Amon Din 2/3 (wins/times played); The Seventh Level 2/2; Conflict at the Carrock 2/2; Journey down the Anduin 3/6 (again some of these were from starting at 30 threat); Peril in Pelargir 4/5; and Siege of Cair Andros 0/1 (don't try it - poor Siege questing without Tactics)

If anyone has any suggestions for changes I'm happy to hear them!


Mar 20, 2020 Flamewright 49

I think the Boromir deck wants Knight of Belfalas, at least. Three Attack with Boromir plus a dead ally comes back to your hand.
I’d take out the Minas Tirith Lampwright, which I’ve never been impressed by.

Mar 20, 2020 Adaepholn 69

Knight of Belfalas seems good, but I would prefer to take out the 2 Steeds of the Mark over the Minas Tirith Lampwrights .

I found that by the time I had enough resources to spare to use Steed it didn't make much difference but using a Lampwright to cancel Southron Support or Watcher in the Wood made a massive difference, although it happened rarely.