A deck with every type

Jtothemac 300


Let me first say that these decks should NOT necessarily play together, though I'm sure someone ought to try.

I am just publishing these as a group because they hold basically the same premise: Can a viable deck be build out decks of only one type of player card?

Let's start with the all Ally deck:

Viable? Yes. This has cleared a number of scenarios. The idea is to get the allies in and out of play, and to juice up Eomer by doing so. The Burglar element is KIND of cheating, but this deck works well enough to go without it.

Next, the all Attachment deck:

Viable? I think so. The premise is to mulligan for Thror's Ring, and then just abuse the heck out of it. It won't whiff, unless you have a second copy of a unique already in play, or are restricted out... even then, you could always replace restricted attachments. And Expert treasure hunter will always turn up attachment, which means you are guaranteed an extra card on the rounds you quest successfully. Hopefully, you can get enough of the songs in to get the readying effects down, and the mounts to maximize your stats.

Finally, the all Event deck:

Viable? Doubtful. And since it is a doomed deck, nobody will want to play with you, so this is naturally a solo deck. This was painful to build. First, when considering all events, you have to figure your heroes need to be fairly jacked out the gate, have plenty of readying effects, and the like. I felt kind of forced into the Council of the Wise contract, which meant I needed to include 50 different events. That made me think about Saruman as my savior -- Doomed events could ready him up, and he does have a great hero stat line. I would be playing without his staff, but maybe, just MAYBE the contract threat reduction would help me out. I figured that Grima could help me with the sphere splash, but in re-reading Saruman's textbox, I almost flipped the table. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE PRINTED DOOM?? Still, the inclusion of Grima allows me to ready Saruman during any point of the game with any card in hand that I can play. So I was about to just run with those two. Unfortunately, I got stuck because there aren't that many doomed cards and lore events that make sense! So I was forced to include another hero for the sake of access to different spheres of events, but without much in the ways of threat reduction it had to be small. I considered Merry, but his skill would be mostly mitigated courtesy of Saruman. Beregond gives me threat reduction but my starting threat would be too high. So that left me with Frodo Baggins, and I grumbly accepted that at least I get 1) a steady threat reduction 2) a ready 3) access to free leadership cards. So there are a few cards in this deck that are proxies for the doomed yet to be released and there are some other cards that make zero sense, but act as a trigger for the contract. Even with all that stretching I came up a few viable events short and decided to include three side quests. I would have included more, but two of the three other available side quests were about allies (useless) and the third is nearly a useless sidequest to begin with.