Hero. Threat: 8. 2   2   1   3  


Each hero you control with a printed resource icon gets -1 threat cost.

"...the Elves feared and distrusted the world outside..."
The Fellowship of the Ring
Magali Villeneuve

The Drúadan Forest #32. Lore.


Mirlonde is one of my "go-to" heroes. She may not be flashy but she's solid enough that she's perfect for decks that want additional resources without having to deal with Songs or high threat. Decent on her own, she really shines as the second or third Lore hero. Her two and allow her to contribute reasonable to questing or combat.

It's worth noting that she benefits from her own effect, so despite her printed threat cost of 8 her actual threat cost is 7. In this respect she ends up being something like a low budget Glorfindel, an effect that's magnified if she's played in mono-Lore since her effective threat cost is the same as Glorfindel's, albeit without his impressive stats but also without his nominal drawback. Her Silvan trait even allows her to take advantage of Light of Valinor.

Lore is definitely the sphere I play most frequently, and while Mirlonde isn't exactly exciting she's a solid hero that helps keep things manageable while still being able to contribute. While she frequently ends up as the "disposable" hero of the bunch her in-sphere access to Silvan Tracker.

The only Lore hero with less than 7 threat is Pippin, and the only other 7 threat hero is Bifur. Pippin has a more interesting collection of abilities, and is probably the better choice for a deck that wants access to without adding too much threat, as they both have two , but if you're including a second Lore hero or cards that play off the Silvan trait then Mirlonde is a great choice. Mirlonde is probably also the better choice for quests with lots of direct damage, as the difference between one and two is bigger than it might seem and Silvan Tracker automates healing while also providing a decent defending body (especially when given A Burning Brand and Cloak of Lórien.)

I've had huge successes with both Mirlonde- Celeborn-Haldir of Lórien and Mirlonde-Haldir of Lórien-Rossiel decks. More generally, she's my go-to choice when I'm planning any deck with two or more Lore heroes.

With the addition of Messenger of the King, so many better low threat heroes are possible. Mirlonde's ability is basically the equivalent of a woodman's clearing, best case scenario. I would almost always rather have MOTK Henmarth Riversong, MOTK Firyal, or Pippin. — NERD 808
She was fine when she first appeared, it's just that power creep -- particularly in the later sets -- has eclipsed her utility. MotK, like Bond of Friendship, is OP. Which is not Mirlonde's fault! I'm more concerned with how she stacks up against heroes like Lore Pippin or Folco Boffin, who might be even worse because the Sword-thain + Bartering combo completely negates the cost of losing a hero. — kjeld 642

The only way I would use Mirlonde is if I am using two other high lore heroes, such as Saruman, Glorfindel, or Elrond, because she isn't great otherwise. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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