Wandering Ent

Ally. Cost: 2. 2   2   2   3  


Cannot have restricted attachments.

Enters play exhausted.

There were songs about the hunt of the Ents for the Entwives sung among Elves and Men from Mirkwood to Gondor. The Two Towers
Dmitry Prosvirnin

Celebrimbor's Secret #119. Lore.

Wandering Ent

Wandering Ent is one of the worst ent allies in game. Not because it is a bad card by itself, but because other ent allies can do anything he does better. Depending on what you want to use Wandering Ent for there are always better alternatives:

     If you want to defend : Use Derndingle Warrior warrior instead. At the same cost he has the same by default and can provide up to 5 when using his Action.

     If you want to attack : Use Skinbark or Quickbeam instead. Skinbark costs one ressource more but provides double the attack points of Wandering Ent which is         worth in my opinion. Quickbeam obviously is strictly better at attacking than Wandering Ent because of his readying response.

     If you want to quest : Use Quickbeam or Wellinghall Preserver instead. Again, Wellinghall Presever is more expensive but also provides a lot more value with one        more and the additional healing effects.

Unless you try to flood the table with as many ents as possible there are better options than Wandering Ent.

Blupper 10
He might be the vanilla ent, but that is exactly is strenght. Yes, skinbark is a better attacker and derndingle warrior defends better, but what if what you need in that exact moment is willpower and not defence. Whellinghall preserver his better defending and questing, but he costs 1 resource more. Quickbeam is just bonkers. — Álvaro 32
Because he can be useful depending of what you need at the moment with a good cost-stats ratio. Although he isn´t the best because the game rewards specialized allies, he is by no means useless. — Álvaro 32
Derndingle Warrior also needs to take 1 damage wich is limited with 3 health — StewofGondor1 22
Flooding the board with Ents is a common archetype, especially when you want (a) more damage soak, and (b) more targets for Entmoot. This is especially true in Lore decks with no Tactics that still want to run Ents. — kjeld 642
I'm completely confused at the negative review above. The "examples" provided simply make no sense. — Erathis 1
wandering's an s tier ent. — drabblecast 67
yeah he's not the best but he has great stats for 2 cost and works in any ent deck so why the hate? — BlackArrow 316
Correction: he works in any Lore deck, period. — kjeld 642
he's the quickest and best way to set up an ent board with damage sprinkled throughout for huge plays. he's basically the ents version of a chump blocker, but if you want just absolutely huge ent turns then these guys are essential — drabblecast 67