Ally. Cost: 2. 1   2   0   2  

Rohan. Scout.

Spend 1 resource to ready Ceorl. Then, you may give control of Ceorl to another player. Any player may trigger this action. (Limit once per phase).

He drew himself up. Then he knelt, offering his notched sword to the king. "Command me, lord!" he cried.
The Two Towers
Aleksander Karcz

Temple of the Deceived #58. Leadership.


A good ratio of cost-to-attack for Leadership, but also surprisingly useful and versatile ally if you have a few Spirit resources lying around. It can quest, then be readied and passed around during the quest phase (to avoid some "deal damage to exhausted characters" treacheries) or the encounter phase, then be used by one player to attack, readied again and used by a second player for a second attack or an emergency chumpl block. A pseudo sentinel+ranged for 1 resource is quite good and its versatility to always be whenever it's most needed makes it a very good inclusion in big Fellowships.