Dwarf Pipe

Attachment. Cost: 1.

Item. Pipe.

This card was errata'd

Attach to a Dwarf character. Limit 1 per character.

Response: After a card is discarded from your deck, exhaust Dwarf Pipe to place that card on the bottom of your deck.

He held up a small pipe with a wide flattened bowl...
The Two Towers
Mark Bulahao

The Mûmakil #7. Spirit.

Dwarf Pipe

A very fun and useful card. Throughout the game the dwarf trait has focused on discarding cards from the top of your deck. This is one way to almost prevent the discard. Although this is a good card, it's not great, and there are other card such as Reforged, Stand and Fight, Dwarven Tomb, Erebor Hammersmith, Will of the West, etc. who basically helps reset your discard pile and keep as much of your deck as you can.

Who it works well with:

Zigil Miner

Dáin Ironfoot

Thorin Stonehelm


Ring of Thrór

My opinion: 5/10

There's one thing to note that might bump your rating - because the pipe triggers after the discard, rather than replacing the discard, you can get the resources from Hidden Cache and then immediately get it back into your deck, where it's just one deck shuffle away from being mined again (and if your deck is small enough, you might not even need that). I haven't tried that out because I don't have this card, but the combo sounds pretty good to me. — TheNameWasTaken 9
Yup, i don't own hidden cache but that would work just fine. — GreenWizard 310