Rider of Rohan

Ally. Cost: 3. 2   2   0   2  

Rohan. Scout.

While a side quest is in the victory display, Rider of Rohan does not exaust to quest.

"Who are you, and what are you doing in this land?" said the Rider, using the Common Speech of the West… -The Two Towers
Javier Charro Martinez

Beneath the Sands #60. Spirit.

Rider of Rohan

Fine stats on an ally, only if you have completed a side quest. Not so amazing as to be worth playing side quests for, but if you already have a plan to get one done early, worth looking to this card. Also a solid card for a Rohan deck, although again not amazing. 3 cost on an ally is significant, and most should pack more punch than this. That said, if it fits the deck it's a solid filler.

camipco 33