The Song of Rebirth

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13nrv 3135

I play a lot of different Caldara decks but this one looks like a culmination.

Since last cycle, we have a lot of card that have increased the power of Caldara decks. My firsts Caldara decks were based on the combination of Zigil Miner and Imladris Stargazer for discard and resources. But it was slow to setup and on some Nightmare deck, it was very difficult. With the release of Arwen Undómiel, we have gain the discard and resources capacity immediately and so increase the velocity of this kind of deck. In the same time, we also gain Sword-thain. It allow to have one more hero and so increase the efficiency of Caldara with one more ally bringing into life. With Emery + Sword-thain, we can in first turn bring from discard pile three ally.

Another weakness of Caldara decks is the punch ! The lack of attack could be an automatic defeat on some scenario. Warden of Annúminas bring some attack but the release of Glorfindel ally increase the punch of Caldara deck. In fact, this ally bring 3 , but can be readied easily with card discarding that is great for Caldara deck.

With my first version, i was able to beat some Nightmare decks but with these newest cards the deck become powerfull. I have beaten some hard NM decks like Into Ithilien with a correct ratio.

Flame of west bring a last card : Prince Imrahil ally. It allows Caldara to bring 4 ally into play with an Sword-thain spirit ally or 3 in the first turn. Discarding Caldara have now zero default and we gain a more powerfull hero with 2 .

With all these cards, the deck could quest hard with resilient ally like Pelargir Shipwright which can quest for 4 or fight hard with a lot of strong ally (Northern Tracker, Warden of Annúminas, Glorfindel, Háma, Elfhelm, Prince Imrahil). With 4 heroes, Caldara ability is just crazy. You can defend a lot of attack by loosing ally then use Caldara capacity to bring back those ally ready for counter attack. The statistic of ally allow to be able to quest with efficiency on or or and so win against scenario from third cycle. The majority of the ally have more than one Hit point which give a great resilience to some nasty direct damage treachery card. Elven Jeweler and Emery bring a lot of discard effect. Mirror of Galadriel allow to easily find critical card and the discard effect wasn't a problem :

  • If it's an ally : Great exactly what i want
  • If it's a spirit attachement or event : Well no problem Dwarven Tomb or Map of Earnil will bring back in hand the discarded card.

Galadriel bring card draw and threat reduction. Her passive action allow to send ally to quest and keep them to handle enemies which is helpfull for first turn.

Now this deck is not totally dependent of combination of Prince Imrahil or Sword-thain with Caldara. This version could be very aggressive or purely control depending the opening hand. If we haven't the combo in hand, we can easily decrease the threat and maintain it at low level with Galadriel. We put in play strong quester and let enemies in staging area. I have played Encounter at Amon Din Nightmare with only one combat : Ghulat and let 10 enemies in staging. With no combat and so no Shadow, the deck have limited the number of death villager and finally win. So depending on the scenario or the opening hand, we can be very agressive by putting a lot of strong ally in play or put in play strong questing character to advance on the quest and control encounter.

For very long scenario, i have a special combo which allow to play indefinitely Fortune and Fate or any spirit card :

First have an empty deck.

1) Play a map of earnil on a dwarven tomb to retrieve a spirit card 2) Dwarven tomb goes to the bottom of your empty deck 3) Draw a card (Galadriel, Planning phase, Elven Light etc ...) which is Dwarven tomb 4) Play Dwarven tomb on Map of Earnil 5) Play Map of Earnil (For free when 4 heroes which is common in Caldara deck) 6) Go back to one

When your deck is empty you can each turn retrieve a spirit card in your discard pile, it allows to use ressources even if deck is empty. The only limit is card draw and ressources. But with this combo, you can control the encounter deck for 25 turns (Yes, it's the number of turns i needed to beat Dol Guldur NM).

The side is just for multi games where some unique cards could be played by other players or for some specific scenario (like Nenya and Henamarth Riversong for the Watcher in the Water Nightmare).

The deck have impressive result on Nightmare decks :

  • NM cycle 1 (except Rhosgobel and Dol Guldur on the 50th attempt)
  • NM cycle 2 (With side for Watcher in the water)
  • NM cycle 3
  • Ford of Isen NM, To catch an Orc NM, Into Fangorn NM, Trouble in Thalbard NM, Nin In Eilph NM, Secret of Celebrimbor NM, Antlered Crown NM
  • We Must Away, Ere Break of Day NM, Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim NM, Over the Misty Mountains Grim NM, Flies and Spiders NM
  • Battle of Carn Dum

90% were passed at the first attempt, 9.9999999% at the second and Dol Guldur at the 50th (approximation :D ).

I will continue with the remaining NM (Dunland Trap, Three trials, Lost realm and the last sagas) ! But with these result, i can easily said that Caldara decks are very strong.

Edit as said by my mate (Hirgon) : Power of Orthanc wasn't in the deck but in the side.


Aug 16, 2016 Hirgon 1

Sorry a mistake on my deck.

The power of Orthanc are in side not in the deck :(

Aug 16, 2016 Darha 1

Wow impressive and only babes !

Why Shadows Give Way in side ?

Aug 16, 2016 13nrv 3135

@Darha Shadows Give Way is for Smaug in Lonely mountain nightmare ! I discard the shadow card on Smaug in order to avoid multiple attack from Smaug ;)

Aug 16, 2016 Lecitadin 154

Looks amazing!

Aug 16, 2016 fbnaulin 1

My kind of deck. Thanks for the ideas!

Aug 17, 2016 Shep 166

Undoubtedly one of the best decks in the game, able to win any quest, even in nightmare mode!

Aug 17, 2016 Aorakis 452

Nothing left to be said, a really strong deck that can pass most of the nightmares quests !

If this is your kind of deck, this version is really solid !

Once again, Good Job 13 !

Aug 18, 2016 Thanee 100

Dol Guldur NM on 50th attempt! That's perseverance! :D

Aug 18, 2016 13nrv 3135

@Thanee Yeah ! But at setup you quickly know if you have a little chance ;)

Aug 18, 2016 13nrv 3135

The lonely Mountain NM passed at the third attempt with the side of Shadows Give Way in order to avoid multiple attacks from Smaug.

Aug 20, 2016 13nrv 3135

Add some success :

  • Battle of the five armies NM (6th attempt)
  • Dunland trap NM (1st attempt)

Aug 20, 2016 13nrv 3135

Totally epic moment on The Three Trials NM with one of my most entertaining game ! Victory on first attempt !

Aug 23, 2016 Lecitadin 154

Still trying to pass Ford of Isden NM.... last try (the 4th) I almost won.

Aug 23, 2016 13nrv 3135

@LecitadinDo you have fun ?

I will retry this one. Don't remember it was so tough on this scenario !

Aug 23, 2016 Lecitadin 154

Yes ! I enjoy more and more the Caldara deck. It's not normally a play style I go for, and you must play with the deck a few times before gasping the mechanic.

But when it works... it works pretty well!!! I beat Fords... and I tried To catch an Orc once and went pretty far... but the 20 cards set aside deck makes it quite challenging. ;-)

Aug 23, 2016 13nrv 3135

Yes, i need two attempts to Beat To Catch an Orc NM. This quest is a good challenge. As you said, Caldara isn't easy to handle. But when you understand how it works, it's powerfull and fun !

I have just retry Fords of Isen NM two try, two victory. One of them, 8 ennemies in staging so long at the last step.

More result :

  • The three trials NM (First attempt)
  • Chetwood Intruders NM (First attempt)
  • Massing at Osgiliath (First attempt)
  • Battle of Laketown (First attempt)
  • Stone of Erech (First attempt)
  • Old Forest (First attempt)

Aug 24, 2016 Lecitadin 154

Still trying To catch an Ord... and getting screwed more than once by the Mentheras peak location, where X is the number of characters you control... which ads around 14 to 16 to the staging area...

Also, when you must deal with 2 or more ennemies in one turn, you usually get in trouble, because ennemies become hard to kill. :-P

Aug 24, 2016 KhanAidan 10

@LecitadinOne idea may be to replace the 2 Power of Orthanc with Tale of Tinúviel. That can give you nice power-ups right when you need it. It particularly helps given the presence of Galadriel.

Aug 24, 2016 13nrv 3135

It was a mistake. Power of Orthanc are in side not in main deck.

@Lecitadindo you try to avoid engagement ? Try to side Thrór's Key ;) I will try again the scenario this evening.

Aug 25, 2016 13nrv 3135

This quest is definitively a big challenge :)

These two cards are painfull :

Plus the 20 cards set aside ...

I found that this quest need some luck (i have passed it with different decks).

Three more try and only one victory. So i am at 2/5 for this quest with this deck !

Aug 25, 2016 Lecitadin 154

Yeah, it's very fun by chalenging, and yes, the Lookout is bad news!

I've also tried with a Dunedain/Rohan deck, and almost won on the 3rd try, but ended up with 8 ennemies (I drew a Vigilant orc AND Mugash from my out of play deck at the same time, so it killed me....)

Aug 25, 2016 13nrv 3135

Some new results :

  • Fog on barrow down (First attempt)
  • Weather hills Nightmare (First attempt)

Aug 26, 2016 Lecitadin 154

I beat To Catch an Orc nightmare with a powerful Ents deck.

I enjoyed the Caldara deck, thnaks for sharing it!!!

Sep 10, 2016 ajl1980 1

Very powerful deck, Prince Imrahil is the star for me in this one. His role in this deck is very much how he was in Return of the King, and although his art depicts him as a medieval Klaus Kinsky it is still great.

Well rounded stats and basically guarantees an extra ally revival for each Caldara special action usage. If you can get an early Prince Imrahil and Sword-thain (on practically anyone) you can pump out 16 allies over a game where the engine is roaring, for the low-low cost of 15 if you don't bring her back on her fourth special action usage.

I threw in a Galadhrim's Greeting and my threat usually hovered around 22, got as low as 11 one game. Easily one of my favourite decks, kudos to you!

Sep 19, 2016 13nrv 3135

@ajl1980Thanks ! Glad you have fun with it !

Some new Results :

  • Deadmendike NM (First attempt)
  • Desolation of Eriador (First attempt)
  • Escape from Mount Gram (First attempt)
  • Across Ettenmoors (Fist attempt)
  • The Treachery of Rhudaur (First attempt)
  • Battle of Carn Dum (Second attempt)
  • The dread Realm (First attempt)
  • Voyage across Belegaer (First attempt)
  • Fate of Numenor (First attempt)
  • Raid on Grey Heavens (Second attempt)
  • Flight of the Stormcaller (First attempt)
  • The things in the depth (First attempt)
  • The temple of deceived (First attempt)
  • The drowned ruins (First attempt)
  • The Passing of the Grey Company (First attempt)

A French video of a game with this deck :

Sep 19, 2016 bodasafa 12

I am looking forward to trying this deck out on The Drowned Ruins to see if I can quest hard and fast on Underwater locations. What do you mean when you say, "Start with an Empty Deck?"

Sep 19, 2016 13nrv 3135

No need of a Caldara deck for Drowned ruins. Don't flip grotto location and prepare as long as you need. When ready, rush.

I am not fluent in English. I mean : First have an empty deck (By drawing discarding etc ...)

Oct 03, 2016 Phallus1 1

I m going to prepare this deck to my sauce hope an to get as many fun as I had with my first version of Caldara. With your results it seems to work very Well. Well done Freechie ! Don t hesitate to check his other decks because hé is just awsome !

Dec 18, 2016 Prince Lictor 29

Very nice deck. Playing one similar myself too.

I think you can't ever get 4 allies back with Caldara's ability since you either have a 4th hero with Sword-thain or you have Prince Imrahil in the place of Caldara.

Prince Imrahil gets the hero card type only when Caldara is in your discard pile and Caldara brings 1 ally for each other hero you control so can get up to 3 allies when Sword-thain is in play.

Dec 18, 2016 13nrv 3135

It works ! Caleb Grace have gave an official answer.

When you use Caldara capacity, Prince Imrahil is counted as an hero :)

Mar 14, 2017 Taurelin 212

A masterpiece. This is the deck which made me actually buy packs for specific cards.

In my version I only made some slight changes, like Tale of Tinúviel (which has already been suggested) and Rhovanion Outrider.

What I love about the deck is that it's so universal. It performs well against most scenarios, it can be used solo or in multiplayer rounds, and it is always a lot of fun to play.

Jul 07, 2017 13nrv 3135

Some modification on the deck :

-1 Hasty Stroke +1 Jubayr

One of the strongest defender ally with shadow cancellation.

New Result :

  • Attack on Pelargir (First Attempt)
  • The battle of Pelenor Fields Three wins and two losses
  • Storm on Cobas heaven (First attempt)
  • The city of Corsair (First attempt)
  • The desoltion of Eriador NM Three wins and three losses
  • Escape from Mount Gramm NM (First attempt)
  • Accross Ettenmoors NM (First attempt)
  • The Treachery of Rhudaur NM (First attempt)
  • The Battle of Carn Dum NM Three wins and two losses
  • The dread Realm NM (First attempt)
  • Escape from Umbar (First attempt)
  • Desert Crossing (First attempt)
  • The Long Arm of Mordor Two wins and one loss
  • The Mumakil (First attempt)
  • Race accross Harad Four wins and one loss
  • Beneath the sands (First attempt)
  • Three scenario NM of Black riders (First attempt)
  • The ring goes south NM (First attempt)
  • The long dark NM (Fourth attempt)
  • The breaking of the fellowship NM (First Attempt)
  • The Uruk-Hai NM (Second attempt)
  • Helm's deep NM (First attempt)
  • The road of Isengard NM (First attempt)
  • Murder at Prancing poney (First attempt)
  • The ruins of Belegost (First attempt)
  • Siege of Annuminas (First attempt)

Dec 11, 2017 13nrv 3135

Well the new FAQ has killed this deck ... But, it killed my fun too. So, i will ignore the errata and continue to use this deck only on NM quest. I will continue to update it with new content.