Come At Me, Bro! Now With Spirit

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The Dynamic ComeAtMeBro/DontTazeMeBro Extravaganza
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Deadally 2

This deck is designed as the combat-oriented companion to a Lore-based deck called "Don't Taze Me, Bro!" which relies on Haldir of Lórien to take pot shots at the enemies while this team handles the combat duties.

Tactics Éowyn, paired with Argalad on the other side (with Strider), can handle almost all the questing duties from this team on her own. Rarely, I'll throw in Aragorn on the quest, but I usually try to avoid that. Windfola is included here as a 2-of to provide an extra boost, and for the rare times when an encounter card removes her from the quest. Her one-time massive attack boost is particularly valuable with Aragorn, who can kill an enemy and pull in a big bruiser who you don't want to defend against.

Aragorn is a critical piece of the entire puzzle, allowing you both defense reduction, a good offensive body (particularly with Firefoot, and the chance at grabbing a bunch of enemies and giving them no chance to attack you.

Beregond obviously provides the big defensive body that you'll need to handle an onslaught of enemies. With events like Behind Strong Walls and Desperate Defense, he can handle multiple rounds of combat. Boromir is also included to help with defensive duties, with Honour Guard helping to prevent him from taking too much damage. Healing from the Lore side provides further support to your defenders.

Playing this side of the Fellowship is quite straightforward, as you're largely just trying to get as many allies in play as possible, as well as boost the other team's heroes. In general, I try to save Beregond's resources for Mirkwood Long-knife on Argalad, as this can make the elf a powerhouse. Rohan Warhorse is an all-star for your team, particularly on Aragorn, since it will let him participate in multiple attacks, more often than not.

An alternative build for this deck uses tactics Beregond to allow him to be loaded down with defensive equipment and handle attacks from all angles. This also allows you to play White Tower Watchman, and it makes your resources more consistent. However, branching in spirit has allowed for a wider range of powerful attachments that make the sylvan heroes of "Don't Taze Me, Bro!" into ridiculous questing/attacking machines. Not to mention the threat reduction for this side is very helpful.