Erestor the Marvel Champion

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TritonWreck 131

Do you like the feel of playing Marvel Champions LCG and want to play LOTR the same way? Well this may be as close as you get.

Which attachment to start with:
There are a number of 1 cost attachments you can start play with using The Grey Wanderer, but to mimic that Marvel Champions feel you should get To the Sea, to the Sea! which lets you discard cards to play allies. Other good attachments you can start with are Song of Travel to help pay for the spirit cards (especially Will of the West and Elven-light), Strider or Protector of Lórien.

First turns
On your first few rounds, try to find the Resourcefuls while you're still in secrecy. Also look for Timely Aid to get an ally into play for free (just be sure it's the first card you play with The Grey Wanderer ability). I put Gaining Strength in here too because I found sometimes I wanted a quick kick for resources. Then just try to play an ally each round with To the Sea. Rivendell Scout is here too ... hey, it's a free body in secrecy and can be boosted with Lords of the Eldar.

Other tricks
Use Rivendell Minstrel to find Song of Travel or Drinking Song (that Minstrel likes to party) which you can use to swap out your hand to find needed cards quickly like Resourceful. Or you can get To the Sea, to the Sea! if you opted not to grab it at the beginning, Use The White Council to put Will of the West back in your deck if you see both copies early. Play Lords of the Eldar and then use the Master of the Forge to shuffle it back from the bottom of your deck. You're able to play it any round using the contract to generate the three resources needed.

One final thought, I was thinking of dropping Daeron's Runes and Drinking Song to get to 50 cards. The deck should work without them, but I like having them in the deck to find the cards you need.


Jun 02, 2020 aermet69 1

Hah. That's a super funny idea :)

Jun 02, 2020 MadaoMadao 119

And then play against shadow and flame so there's a boss hitting you from staging every round that you can also hit :P

Jun 02, 2020 Denison 536

I appreciate your dedication to finding ways to make this contract work. Your Boromir deck was inspired and this deck is similarly enticing to play.

Jun 02, 2020 TritonWreck 131

@MadaoMadaoThat would be fun to take on the Balrog. Very Marvel Champions like. But I have a feeling Erestor won’t come out of it well.

@DenisonThabks for the nice words. I do like this contract. It’s given me good reason to try secrecy which I have never really tried before. I also really enjoy being able to get that starting attachment. Can add some consistency to what you want to do.