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Durins_Father 2106

Durins_Father has a newer deck inspired by this one: Mining your deck

The Dwarves delft too deep and awoke an ancient evil, Shadow and Flame

With the new Ered Luin Miner, we start to see a clear subtheme with the dwarves: discarding cards from the top of your deck to gain benefits. Hidden Cache and Ered Nimrais Prospector already gave us some early hints but we are looking at something elese than just getting 5 Dwarves on the table.

The Zigil Miner and Imladris Stargazer will let you discard with a good knowledge of what is on top of your deck. Master of the Forge will let you draw an attachment and reshuffle your deck.

Try to get Gandalf into play asap so that you can get Wizard Pipe on him to swap the top card of your deck with a drawn Hidden Cache or Ered Luin Miner. To lower your threat, try to get some more Dwarves into play with Nori. You can also save resources to play The Galadhrim's Greeting. Further threat reduction is included with Ever My Heart Rises if you are playing a quest with Underground or Mountain locations. This will also help you to ready certain characters.

To help smooth out the resources, Narvi's Belt and We Are Not Idle can help to get resources to the sphere that you need the most. A Very Good Tale will also get more allies into play that can ready with Narya.


Jun 29, 2016 TipsyGamer 1

Since you're running a decent number of Attachments, have you considered Well-Equipped?

Since you're running Narvi's Belt, you could also run Longbeard Sentry, though that may be too many digging effects?

Just a thought, anyway

Jun 29, 2016 Durins_Father 2106

Those are indeed some good ideas. Both are good discard effects which might bring an Ered Luin Miner into play or gain 2 resources. I might rebuild the deck to V2.0 when these cards are included. Thanks for the comment!