Disgusting Dwarf Swarm A.K.A. "Dwarf Barf"

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cooljoerulez 399

Real things that have been said while playing this deck:

"That dwarf just destroyed an entire boat by himself." (While playing Flight of the Stormcaller)

"I have 54 attack left standing to kill the second suspect." (While playing Murder at the Prancing Pony)

"Would you like 42 resources on one of your heroes?" (While playing Nightmare Flies and Spiders)

"I'm sending 38 questing, would you like me to scale back?" (While playing most quests)

Guys, dwarves are crazy. Erebor Battle Master: so OP. Legacy of Durin: bonkers. We Are Not Idle: broken as hell.

This isn't a solo deck; it relies some on another deck that can be a little stronger in the early game and that can provide some treachery and shadow cancelation; a bit of healing helps too.

That said, once this deck gets going, it just vomits out dwarves. Late game it can single-handedly quest for the whole table and one shot any enemy. Not to mention dump so many resources on other players' heroes they won't even know how to spend them all.

Turn one you need to play one of the many 1 or 2 cost Lore (or 3 cost Neutral) dwarf allies (there are 15 in the deck) in order to trigger Ori on the next turn. After that first dwarf the number one card you need to get into play to get the deck going is Legacy of Durin, mulligan if you don't start with it. Steward of Gondor helps with the early game (play it on Dain because you generate Leadership resources the slowest), but it isn't strictly necessary because of how crazy We Are Not Idle is. You'll need Narvi's Belt eventually in order to play the Battle Masters and just to play your dwarves more easily (put it on Dain too, since he's your target for We Are Not Idle). King Under the Mountain helps in the early game, but you may stop using it once you've already gone through your deck once though. Also don't neglect to play Hardy Leadership, there's nothing worse then getting your board wiped by a stupid treachery card, but once it's out you can absorb all the random questing and archery damage for the whole table.

You'll play a couple dwarves every turn, slowly building your horde. But you'll know when you hit "The Turn." It's when you have about 10 or 12 dwarves in play, including heroes, and you play We Are Not Idle exhausting all your dwarves and putting 12 resources on Dain (and drawing a card). You tap Narvi's Belt and name Lore, so that you can play another dwarf, and draw another card with Legacy of Durin. You play another dwarf, and another, drawing a card each time, and now you've played like 4 more dwarves, so you play A Very Good Tale and play 2 more dwarves from your deck (or 3 if one of the cards was an Ered Luin Miner), so now you play another Very Good Tale, and maybe another We Are Not Idle just to play another dwarf or 2 from hand. Then with your last 3 resources you play Lure of Moria and all 20+ dwarves stand back up. Congratulations, you've accomplished what's known as "Dwarf Barf."

Rinse and repeat with Tome of Atanatar and Will of the West until you've played every dwarf in your deck. Dain can block for you in the early game, but don't be afraid to throw a Miner of the Iron Hills under the bus if an enemy looks scary because you're just going to cycle through your deck anyways.

The biggest downside of this deck is that other players will get bored while you take your 5-10 minute planning phases. Keep them excited by using We Are Not Idle on their heroes (once it no longer benefits you of course). It's hilarious to watch another player try to figure out what to do with 24 resources on just one of their tri-sphere heroes.


Jul 28, 2016 Erisau19 26

Great deck! Dwarves decks are in my opinion the most fun around. Normally I use one with Nori because I like being able to constantly lower my threat on those crazy big turns, but Bombur is certainly worth it to quickly get out the 5 dwarves for various effects. I'll certainly have to give it a try!

Jul 28, 2016 dragonwarriorfan 605

"This isn't a solo deck; it relies some on another deck that can be a little stronger in the early game and that can provide some treachery and shadow cancelation; a bit of healing helps too." Well found my deck to take to GenCon!

Jul 29, 2016 cooljoerulez 399

@dragonwarriorfan Thanks! Yeah, Nori is great and there are few very good Spirit dwarf allies. Bombur really does help with the acceleration though, and he lets you play any of the 2 cost lore dwarves on turn one. He's a decent back up defender as well.

@dragonwarriorfan Haha, nice. Have fun at GenCon! The special epic multiplayer scenario is really cool, I got to playtest it several times with Caleb and Matt during its development. Caleb put a lot of work into it, it's possibly my favorite scenario ever. Bring your A-game though, it's not a cake walk.

Jul 29, 2016 cooljoerulez 399

Oops, meant to say @Erisau19 in the first part of the comment above. Sorry @dragonwarriorfan.

Jul 30, 2016 emorlecallor 1186

Using We Are Not Idle on another player's heroes won't work unless that hero is a dwarf. The card specifies it.

Otherwise, cool deck! I will agree that dwarves can get pretty broken. I also agree that most of it happens in one epic turn. Evidence is my dwarf mining deck which will kinda stall for ~2 turns and then get a bonkers third turn. I unlike most people don't object to a dwarf deck, I just find that there isn't a whole lot of creative deck-building that can happen around them because they're a very specific kind of deck- once you figure out how to build a good dwarf deck the basic formula will never change deck to deck.

Keep up the good work!

Jul 30, 2016 cooljoerulez 399

@emorlecallor Actually We Are Not Idle does not specify that the hero must be a dwarf, it doesn't even specify that it must be a hero you control. You can put the resources on literally any hero.

And yeah, the Dain + We Are Not Idle + Lure of Moria + a hoard of dwarves is a pretty obvious combo, but there are so many good dwarf cards that I still see tons of variation in the dwarf decks that other people bring to the table. Not everyone wants to just use that power combo.

Jul 31, 2016 emorlecallor 1186

Oh. I have been playing the card wrong for years now. Thank you for clarifying!

You are correct about there being fun and interesting dwarf decks. I probably should have said that there wasn't much variation in powerful dwarf decks. I have a dwarf deck that uses Eowyn that is one of my absolute favorites, and I have had it around for years. I like it because it stays away from Legacy of Durin, but still remains fun and powerful. Again, you are right about there being interesting dwarf decks, and I am now tempted to make the most FUN dwarf deck possible.

Thank you!

Jan 13, 2017 mekane 71

This is such a great dwarf deck. I play a slightly watered down version of it but I still have a great time. It's fun to quest with an entire army of dwarves, especially when you've already tapped and untapped them for resources, and then use them to murder lots of orcs.