The Line of Durin

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Authraw 3050

A dwarf mining deck I built while trying to solo Nightmare Escape from Dol Guldur. I was only ever to score a single win with it, but it's still a pretty good deck in its own right against more reasonable quests.

The goal is to cheat some allies in using Sneak Attack or To me! O my kinsfolk! and then use A Very Good Tale to get even more allies out. A Very Good Tale is the card to mulligan for. Once it's in hand, it shouldn't take very long to have a veritable army of dwarves in play ready to put Dain Ironfoot's bonus stats to good use!

Getting extra resources should be no problem. There are tons of ways to discard Hidden Cache in this deck, and once you've done so you can cheat an Ered Nimrais Prospector into play, shuffle Hidden Cache back into your deck and give it another go-around. You could alternatively use the Prospector to put Ered Luin Miner back in the deck in the event that you had to do some chump blocking.

Also included is the classic We Are Not Idle + Lure of Moria combo to help close out the game once your dwarf engine is humming along nicely.

You could probably drop Favor of the Valar in quests that don't raise your threat as quickly as Dol Guldur does.

This deck ramps fast and both quests and fights hard. So go forth, mine a ton of resources, and raise a dwarven army!