Dwarves and Eagles and Bears, Oh My!

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Warden of Arnor 3640

Warden of Arnor has a newer deck inspired by this one: Dwarves and Eagles and Bears, Oh My!

If you thought Beorn was purely an early-game hero, this is my attempt to prove you wrong. Between Landroval to revive him back at 9 hit points (you'll need a good questing deck to help trigger your Elf-stones), Dori to take some of his damage for him (and be subsequently healed, plus he gets hit point boosts from Boots from Erebor and Ent Draught), Honour Guard to cancel the damage and Horn's Cry to drop enemy attack (so Beorn can in Valour take as many attacks as you like up to 4 and not care barring shadow effects) and the bear's ability to defend without exhausting can remain relevant all game long, to say nothing of his 5 . The intent is that Beorn kills the enemies in front of you, while Bard the Bowman targets other players' enemies since he's effectively 5 at ranged.

More details in the blog post (though the deck has been updated since then):