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Seastan 27443

This is the deck I took through The Sands of Harad. It performed well, with the only loss coming in turn 1 of Escape From Umbar when a high threat location came out and I didn't make progress, despite questing with everyone. I think the key here is to mulligan for Silvan Refugee so that you can get some progress down.


Get Steward of Gondor on Legolas. Legolas's wealth will able you to fuel the constant cycling of Elven-light to Legolas's ability and to boost Gimli's defense using Protector of Lórien. This allows Gimli to safely defend and trigger The Day's Rising, which with Heir of Mardil and Armored Destrier will enable him to defend many times.

The card draw in the deck is very strong. The Steward/Protector/Elven-light combo continues to be one of my favorites.


Dec 04, 2016 Lecitadin 162

I played a similar deck but with Haldir of Lórien instead of bereaver, and it also worked well (I had Light of Valinor on Haldir to quest and kill some ennemies in the staging area.

Dec 04, 2016 Lecitadin 162

Who the hell is bereaver???

Dec 04, 2016 D4rkWolf10 424

Fun looking deck! I really like these new versions of Legolas and Gimli and have seen several cool decks so far featuring them. Tactics Aragorn seems to offer lots of possibilities as well for a tri sphere deck.