Noldor's Wisdom

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The Last Alliance of Middle Earth
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DeinoK 13

This is a Noldor based deck, thought to be played together with a combat based deck like the Silvan I posted here or in Fellowship with the Gondor&Rohan Alliance posted here aswell.

Link: Silvan: Link2: Gondor&Rohan:

This is a Travel, Threat Control and Support deck.

While constructing this deck I was thinking in both Last Homely House East of the Sea and Caras Galadhon where our Heroes receive advice, heal and purification. To shape that idea we have; Gondorian healers Ioreth and Warden of Healing all harmonized with the melodies of Gléowine together with The Galadhrim's Greeting, Elrond's Counsel and The White Council .

We also have good known combos like Elrond + Vilya and Galadriel + Nenya which they give us really strong advantage in game.

Hope you enjoy the decks as well as I do!