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Campaign: From the Shire to the Fires of Mordor
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BrandonB 13

This deck is a lot of fun to pay. I'm currently in a 3 person campaign setting, and this deck synergizes well since it can quest decent, block, and kill something almost every turn.

Another deck uses Beregond, which usually helps reduce my threat 2-4 per game. That same deck plays Elrond and all of our decks contain 2 Wardens of Healing so healing isn't usually a problem.

As of a couple of game ago, Sam Gamgee now starts with the Tireless Ranger boon attached (+1 shield and the Ranger trait).

A big issue with this deck is if I don't draw a Dagger of Westernesse, Foe-hammer just sits in my hand, and the deck really starts to stall. That's happened 3 times now even though I have 3 daggers in the deck.

I really like how this deck can stand on its own without too much help from allies. It's extremely satisfying to watch Merry solo Nazgul. I'd be happy to happy to hear any suggestions on how to improve this deck going forward.