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Olórin 26

This deck were made to focus on Elfhelm and his mounts. Other part of this fellowship can be found here http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/4109. Idea was to build deck that could stack up heroes with mounts and songs but challenge was too big for one deck. This deck covers good stuff and Aragorn to get him most of his iconic artifacts and to boost stats even further with Sword that was Broken.

Elfhelm is type hero who needs deck around him to work. To get most out of him deck needs to have songs and mounts and maybe Rivendell Minstrel to fetch songs. When thinking it further deck needs Théoden to boost stats even further and some version of Aragorn as he has artifacts to fix his sphere and already mentioned Sword that was Broken. Problem is we don't have Aragorn. To get everything (Aragorn and his artifacts, Elfhelm including his mounts and songs, Théoden for his global boost) deck concept seemed fragile and crowded. I split roles to different decks and filled empty slots with good stuff and card draw.

Elfhelm is heart of fellowship and card what I wanted to break in some level. Aragorn was chosen from his other version because he gives access to card draw and reduction. Team mate can also use him with Desperate Alliance. Desperate Alliance seems good card with Aragorn plus Sword that was Broken but situation is so janky I rarely happens. Feel free to slot in other cards instead. (Why not Ring of Barahir?). Erkenbrand was glue that made fellowship resilient. Give him Armored Destrier and you have shadow cancelling 4 boss.

This deck includes some off color goodies because other deck got song to sing and this deck got Aragorn with Roheryn and Celebrían's Stone.

Elfhelm can be geared up to any missing stat that needs to be covered. Usually questing. Aragorn gets to be all star and needs copy or two of Unexpected Courage. Give Steward of Gondor to Aragorn as he is most likely to collect all the spheres. Erkenbrand is hard wall to stop most regular enemies.