The 2 hunters and a guy (Amon Din solo nightmare crusher)

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Lecitadin 70

This deck beat the super tough nightmare version of Encounter at Amon Din in pure solo on the second try!

Gimli takes Steward of Gondor, 2 Armored Destrier, Narvi's Belt and some Protector of Lórien. Narvi's Belt also allows him to get A Burning Brand (some shadow effects in this quest are ridiculously nasty...).

Galdor of the Havens gets his Light of Valinor to contribute his 2 attacks with Legolas's 4 attacks to kill most enemies.

For your starting hand, don't be shy to use Galdor of the Havens's ability to get the best starting cards : Protector of Lórien, Narvi's Belt and Elven-light.