The Edain and the Eldar

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spanishinquisition 200

This is a solo deck using Boromir that doesn't include Blood of NĂºmenor or Gondorian Fire. Still interested? Read on!

This deck actually took shape because I wanted to create a solo deck that utilised Aragorn but didn't include all of his attachments (a trap I find I always fall into when I include any of Aragorn's iterations). The result is a deck that is combat efficient, quests well, and only relies on Boromir's readying ability a handful of times in a game.

This is a pretty straightforward deck to play, but it's important to mulligan for Elven-light. Elven-light is your card draw, and while Legolas also helps with this, he isn't as consistent or reliable. It's also ideal to get an early Gondorian Shield for Boromir.

Elf-friend and Rivendell Blade are for both Aragorn and Boromir, and Rohan Warhorse on Aragorn to get an extra attack. Song of Travel will help smooth your resources out, especially since there isn't a lot to spend the tactics resources on in this deck. The Honour Guards provide some protection from any damage that gets through.

I've taken this deck through the quests in The Sands of Harad at this point, which I find to be a good test of combat, questing, ability to take damage, and versatility (quest three).