Aragorn's Children of the Sea

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Gwaihir, Lord of the Winds 58

The simple strategy with this deck is to draw cards, discard cards, and put Noldor allies into play for one resource per round using To the Sea, to the Sea!. Use Galdor of the Havens to begin game with To the Sea, to the Sea! and any Noldor ally. Arwen Undómiel and The White Council can smooth resources among heroes. The White Council is really good for balancing resources, card draw, action advantage, and recycling discarded cards. Unexpected Courage, Dagger of Westernesse, and Wingfoot go on Aragorn, and Protector of Lórien goes on Arwen Undómiel and Aragorn for questing and defense. For extra defense, chump block with Lindon Navigator after committing to the quest.

*This deck was designed in preparation for the new Glorfindel ally to be added with the release of Flight of the Stormcaller. Exchange two copies of him with 1 Dagger of Westernesse and Dwarven Tomb.