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DazeMan 473

This is a deck that I have been playing recently to have a thematic approach to Gimli and Legolas by drawing upon the inspiration and power of Galadriel. Since Legolas and Gimli are somewhat designed to have attachments, Galadriel, and her ability to speed up the rate at which you fetch the right cards at the right time, is quite valuable in this deck.

A good card to mulligan for is Nenya, the boost in at the beginning of most quests is what you want. Elven-light can be used to fuel Legolas's ability while providing amplified card draw.

Mirror of Galadriel plus Silver Harp is one of the best card draw abilities in the game, so getting these on Galadriel can really speed up the deck.

I like to put Steward of Gondor on Gimli because of the cost of his ability, and use Errand-rider to pass resources over to Galadriel. He will receive 1 Dwarven Shield and 1 Armored Destrier. And with Nenya on Galadriel, Ioreth can provide the needed healing to prevent Gimli from dying.

When Gimli triggers his ability, Legolas turns into a very good attacker and becomes even better with each copy of Mirkwood Long-knife you can give him. He is not going to be able to kill things on his own most the time, so he can utilize assistance from a readied Gimli via Armored Destrier, Ceorl, Greenwood Archer and Treebeard.

If you would like to utilize Galadriel for her card ability and Nenya, that is why we have Unexpected Courage and Greenwood Archer.

This deck has been fun to play because it feels thematic to its name, and makes a pretty good use of the two new versions of Gimli and Legolas.

2.0 update adds Faramir to the sideboard in order to be used in the fellowship.