His majesty Boromir

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BiribiBilbo 20

This is a Boromir deck based on the standard combo: Gondorian Fire, Blood of Númenor and Steward of Gondor. This deck is focused on fighting, so you need to play in multiplayer with one or more partners strong in .

The most important card is Steward of Gondor; if you haven't it in the first hand, mulligan for it and play it suddenly.

The most important idea of this deck is that you draw quickly the three cards of the combo using Erestor.

Master of the Forge is needed to find Song of Kings but also to find every attachment you want.

There are also some cards to improve Boromir: Dúnedain Cache, Dúnedain Mark, Dúnedain Warning, Dúnedain Signal... the strongest is Gondorian Shield.

There are also some cards to control the : Favor of the Valar, Elrond's Counsel, The Galadhrim's Greeting, Double Back.

Try it and enjoy!