Smoking Buddies (Solo campaign)

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Warden of Arnor 3184

Warden of Arnor has a newer deck inspired by this one: Smoking Buddies (Solo campaign)

This is a deck I've been running through a solo campaign.

The way the deck plays is to make Fatty Bolger the Steward of Gondor and give him a Shield. He's the main defender. I use that abundance of resources to pay for threat reduction, which draws me cards from Hobbit Pipes. The threat reduction is important as well because in addition to defending, Fatty can also use his ability to cancel the threat of enemies in the staging area and help me quest faster. Stargazer allows me to set up stacks of events for Gandalf to go through in different phases, thus speeding up the deck.

The different versions of this deck are the different forms of it where I've edited it on reaching particular quests. 6.0 is the version I played for Passing of the Grey Company and Siege of Gondor. I also included the Sting, Glamdring, Anduril and Palantir of Orthanc boons.