Flawless Victory

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wehehe 380

Since I saw Thurindir for the first time, I thought in pairing him with Rossiel, to make sure that I have Scout Ahead in my first hand. This is my first deck using both heroes, and it is working quite well.

The main idea of this deck is to cancel as many cards and/or effects from the encounter deck as possible. So it is mainly focused on multiplayer than solo play, as it has some troubles to deal with strongest enemies.

Normally, you'll use Thurindir to start game with Scout Ahead in your hand, but, depending on your partners, or the mission you are playing, you can also grab Double Back, which allows you to start at "pseudo-secrecy", reducing your cost to play Ithilien Lookouts, Celduin Travelers (both in sideboard), or Out of the Wild.

On the midgame, you should be questing by 4 with Rossiel, 3-4 with Thurindir, and 3 with Glorfindel, with some allies to complement them. Combat should be managed mainly with Rossiel as defender, and Glorfindel to attack, helped by Thurindir and/or some allies.

Sideboard cards are mainly for solo playing. The secrecy allies help you to stablish a strong position so fast if you use Thurindir to start the game with "double back" in hand.

Also you should replace Dunedain Lookouts in a lot of missions where they aren't enemies with "on revealed" effects.


Jun 14, 2017 wehehe 380

Recently tested in solo against "journey along the anduin".

Win on second attempt. Using a The Door is Closed! to cancel a Gladden Marshlands in second stage of the quest, and go through the hardest part of the quest in just 1 round is priceless.

Jun 14, 2017 wehehe 380

Forgot to menction that the game was in "nightmare mode", Journey along the Anduin Nightmare is the quest I usually use to test my decks against to determinate if they are "competitive" or "casual" decks.

Jun 14, 2017 Mr Underhill 820

Amazing deck, I just beat Anduin Nightmare with it in solo too. Following your advice, I swapped out the Halfling Bounders and Dunedain Lookouts for the Celduin Travelers and Ithilien Lookouts. I didn't really find Unexpected Courage necessary so I would probably swap those out for another one of the sideboard cards - probably Coney in a Trap. Thanks a lot for posting!

Jun 15, 2017 wehehe 380

Glad to read this ^^ In Anduin Nightmare I wouldn't swap out halfling bounders, as they are a lot of treacheries which can beat you.

About unexpected courages, they are there mainly to allow Rossiel and Thurindir to go questing and then defense/attack. In most of the games I could have play without them, but they are always welcome (specially in multiplayer, when you can play them to any hero in the table)

Jun 15, 2017 Otter 27

I really like this list. I'm curious how Treebeard ally has been for you in your games. He seems difficult to get out at first glance.

Jun 16, 2017 wehehe 380

You just need to keep 1 resource from one round to the next to play it. Sometimes is better to keep a 2 cost ally in hand one round, to be able to play Treebeard next round. He is the only heavy "hitter" of the deck, so you'll need it to finish quickly with hardest enemies (like trolls).

Jun 21, 2017 Mr Underhill 820

I recorded a YouTube video against Anduin Nightmare using the deck. (I linked to your list in the description.) I've also got a failed attempt up but this one is probably more interesting.


In the end I went with the following changes:

-2 Lembas, -1 Asfaloth, -3 Halfling Bounder, -3 Dunedain Lookout

+2 Warden of Healing, +2 Celduin Traveller, +3 Wandering Ent, +2 Coney in a Trap

I found that I needed more repeatable healing and more allies to overcome all the annoying enemies the quest throws at you. Also, I take back my previous comment about Unexpected Courage, getting one of those onto Rossiel is really helpful.

Thanks again for posting it!

Jun 22, 2017 Seastan 12891

After seeing this deck in action, I suggest adding more card draw. There is no reason for Daeron's Runes to not be in the deck, even if you don't take anything else out.

I'd also add Ancient Mathom. Great on its own, superb with Asfaloth.

I'd also suggest making Gléowine a 3x.

Jun 23, 2017 wehehe 380

I usually tend to lack resources, so I think that what I need are more "card fetching" effects rather than card drawing. Probably just adding Daeron's Runes will help a little with that. I had them on other deck when I built this, that's why they are not in the list. I'll try just adding them.

Another option I am considering is to add Heed the Dream for those games in which there is a leadership "rich" player. I feel that this is really the missing piece.

Jun 17, 2018 Bullroarer Took 31

One year later what would you change? Would you add Legacy Blade or anything else?