The March of the Ents

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Aurion 95

You don't get much more thematic than this! Merry and Pippin astride Treebeard's shoulders as the Ents make their final march to war. It can pack a real punch too! With it being a dual-sphere deck with and , it probably serves better as a tank/healing deck for multiplayer, although there is plenty of available for solo-play too.

The basic premise of this deck is to get out as many ents as quickly as possible and wreak havoc on the enemy. The hobbits will largely be questing until they get Fast Hitched. Get two copies of Dagger of Westernesse on Merry and he's potentially attacking for 6 and both copies of Ring Mail on Pippin, so he can chip in with defending. I have included Sword-thain in order to provide some potential resource smoothing by promoting Farmer Maggot to hero status (as if he ever wasn't a hero!). Both copies of Self Preservation should go on Treebeard so that he can become an absolute beast of an quester/attacker - potentially in the same round with Boomed and Trumpeted.