Classic Fastred

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Argalad Weakens, Dúnhere kills 6 4 0 1.0
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Rohan Fastred Solo 1 1 0 1.0

Seastan 13197

This is what I think will be the classic Fastred lineup.

Mulligan for a weapon. Any of the six weapons can go on Dunhere so he can start attacking for 5 into the staging area. Once he gets a second weapon he should be able to one-shot most enemies. For other enemies there's Unseen Strike.

With just Arwen Undómiel or Gondorian Shield Fastred becomes a solid enough defender to handle the very low threat enemies that might sill engage you. Sometimes you might want to optionally engage a higher threat enemy just to reduce yourself more with Fastred's threat reduction so that you'll avoid more enemies on future turns.

Suggested edits:

  • -1 Gondorian Shield
  • -1 Close Call
  • +2 Captain of Gondor

Jul 22, 2017 pokie 71

I built a similar deck myself and found Captain of Gondor and Raiment of War indispensable on Fastred. He has good enough attack that he is a decent choice for courage. I didn't run Dunhere though, so that could make a big difference between our decks.

Jul 22, 2017 Seastan 13197

@pokieNot including Captain of Gondor was an oversight on my part. I might actually put it on Dunhere though!

Jul 24, 2017 Mr Underhill 937

I feel reassured that this list is close to mine! I've made a few changes after looking at this, so thank you for that. In my own version, I swapped out Gondorian Shield for the Raiment as I really don't mind waiting a turn for that extra attack and health. I tried Gandalf but swapped him out, and I've also got Feint instead of Close Call. I have to say I really like Fastred and the way the deck plays, he makes Dunhere decks far more interesting.

Aug 02, 2017 Box of Hats 364

What do you think about running two Gondorian Shields and one Golden Shield? Since he isn't gaining the Gondor type, it's the same defense bonus as Gondorian Shield, but lets you put a second one Fastred.

Aug 03, 2017 Seastan 13197

@Box of HatsIt's not quite as good since it only lasts for 1 attack, but that's not to say its a bad idea. The list that I run now has -1 Gondorian Shield and -1 Close Call and +2 Captain of Gondor, and I find it to provide Fastred with adequate defense. There is an argument that can be made for Raiment of War as well.

Sep 28, 2017 Benedikt 160

I just compared the three "classic" Fastred decks and as one outcome, I would substitute one or two Shield of Gondor with copies of the Golden Shield.

Sep 28, 2017 Benedikt 160

I currently realised, that the Golden Shield is unique, so only one copy.

Sep 28, 2017 Benedikt 160

:-D I must be blind. Forget all my notes...