Ent Blitz

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Seastan 13197

This deck gets out Ents with absolutely ludicrous speed, making you virtually unstoppable from the start of the game. Primarily a solo deck, thanks to Herald of Anórien, but you could swap him out for Steward of Gondor and not miss his effect as much. I just find his ability especially great here to use Denethor's resources to get out Ent allies. Plus, seeing power decks without Steward is always nice.

If you haven't played a lot with the Erestor/Denethor combo, you'll probably want to just spend some time reshuffling your deck and practicing the first planning phase. Here are some tips:


Aug 14, 2017 weloiavala 1

Does the Herald's "put into play" avoid the Ents' "enters play exhausted"?

Aug 18, 2017 wlk 1

@weloiavalano, they are still exhausted. See FAQ 1.16: “Put into play” will, however, trigger any effects that occur when a card “enters play”.

Aug 18, 2017 Seastan 13197

Correct. There is no way of cheating the Ents into play that gets around their drawback.

Jan 26, 2018 Stevall 1

thanks! why can't I find this deck by searching ??