Armed Twins with Dunedainsupport

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Noldor (and friends) vs. Mordor
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Benedikt 160

This is the second half of my Noldor-fellowship, which includes all unique Noldor-characters.

When the To the Sea, To the Sea!-Deck uses discard mechanics, Noldor-twins-deck benefits from arms and attachment-events. Yes, you are right: With your first look at the decklist you see, that there are only 4 weapon or armor attachements, but this deck is for multiplayer and works only in the fellowship.

When Elrohir gets a Dúnedain Warning and support about Arwen Undómiel special-ability, he defends with 5 for the whole squad. That's why he gets the Steward of Gondor.

Like a lots of leadership-decks this one benefits from the Sneak Attack / Gandalf combo too. Gandalf reduces your threat, draws some cards or weakens nasty enemies.

All in all this deck works very well in my fellowship and also makes a lot of fun to play!