Hama's Eagles Can't Wait

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The BGamerJoe 1099

This deck focuses around recycling Wait no Longer with Háma to control the staging area and so it can focus on what Tactics does best: kill bad guys. I've tested it against The Seventh Level and it's been a lot of fun, even proving viable when Wait no Longer never shows up.

Opening Hand

Look for Wait No Longer, Gondorian Shield, and some cheap eagles, or even better, The Eagles Are Coming!.

General Play If you have Wait No Longer, you can take the guess work out if the quest phase entirely. The engaging effect of the event will provide Mablung a resource, effectively reducing the cost of the event to one so you can slowly build up your board presence.

If you end up with a large enemy, you can quest normally to give yourself another turn to kill it and recycle a different event like The Eagles are Coming or Proud Hunters which really helps get the Eagles out.

If you're having trouble drawing into Wait No Longer, keep spending the resources on Elven-light to keep getting cards into hand. Elven Light can be recycled by either Éowyn's boost or Hama's ability. The Eagles are Coming is a great way to keep the hand size up in spite of Hama's continual drain. There are way more Eagles included in the deck than will ever get on the table just so The Eagles are Coming event will keep your hand size up.

When a goblin ends up in the staging area due to shadow effects, the (overpriced) Descendant of Thorondor can rip him up.

When playing against the 7th Level, it's so satisfying to grab the Orc Horn Blower (which doubles surges if revealed), or the Goblin Archer (which is difficult to destroy once it hits the staging area).


This deck obviously isn't going to power quest and won't even be that useful in multi-player. It's really designed for solo play against quests with a high ratio of enemies on the encounter deck. While player against the 7th Level, shadow effects end up spawning more Goblins in the staging area which slows down questing, but usually isn't a problem. If you are forced to quest conventionally, an unfortunate "surge train" can swarm the deck since the deck isn't really equipped to handle more than two enemies at once. "Theme" should be listed as a weakness. Its stretching theme to have this deck in Moria where it works best. I guess Gondor, Rohan and Eagles are appropriate for the Battle at the Black Gate!

Try it out again the Seventh Level. You have a lot of control which is fun against a quest that has the potential to spin out of control so easily. Contrary to general belief, Eagles do just fine in the Mines of Moria!


Oct 12, 2017 Wandalf the Gizzard 595

No Support of the Eagles?

Oct 12, 2017 The BGamerJoe 1099

It is standard for an eagle deck, and I considered it. It would be helpful to keep Mablung invincible as a defender, but it's expense would be an additional stain on the deck.

I didn't miss it at all playing the Seventh Level, but if you were playing a quest where larger enemies were the standard, I bet it would be a worthwhile addition.