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Seastan 14765

How many times can we bring back Éomund? In this Rohan-themed deck we put Beric Dondarrion to shame.

Basic Strategy

Mulligan for Master of the Forge and start grabbing attachments. It might seem awkward that this combo requires Song of Kings before it can play the key piece, Gúthwinë, but with Master of the Forge on turn 1 (thanks to Gríma) it really isn't hard to do.

The other key element is of course Éomund, so we have Mustering the Rohirrim to specifically search him out.

The rest is simple: Quest with everyone except Éomund, then chump block with him. Defend another attack with Théoden if needed. Attack back with everyone, and pull back Éomund with Gúthwinë. Play Éomund again next turn with the Théoden/Gríma discount.