Sam Goes to Mordor

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GrandSpleen 431

This deck also included 1 copy of the Glamdring boon attachment, and one copy of the Brace of Coneys boon event. I ended up drawing neither of those in the winning playthrough.

I found myself wishing that Campfire Tales had been replaced by Swift and Silent. But then again, each time I wished for that, I noticed I also didn't have any Leadership resources available, so maybe it wouldn't have made a difference.

Spirit cards were spread out between the two decks. This deck got most of them because it could afford them more easily with Gandalf around, assuming he had his Wizard Pipe. That freed Arwen Undómiel in the other deck to pass her resources to other heroes, or use them to draw with Elven-light.

Sam Gamgee and Gandalf defended. Glorfindel and Gandalf attacked. The Rhovanion Outriders quested, but on a couple of rounds they were also needed for attack, so I held them back at need. Gandalf had Unexpected Courage but never drew into Shadowfax in the winning playthrough. Hasty Stroke prevented a loss by canceling a burden shadow effect that would have ignored Gandalf's defense and killed him. Gandalf's Staff granted resources or card draw to heroes or to either deck, depending on what I wanted to play or search for.

Steward of Gondor was played onto Elrond in the other deck.


Mar 04, 2018 GrandSpleen 431

I forgot to link the Fellowship that this deck belongs to: