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TheChad 3354

This is a unique deck. Mainly because it has a lot of unique cards.

It is very straight-forward. Play Steward of Gondor on Arwen Undómiel and discard a card to her effect to generate 4 spirit resources each round. Mablung gains an additional resource via his ability. Denethor can pass his resource to either hero once Steward is attached to Arwen.

Now, play a lot cards and draw a lot of cards. You can discard Elven-light to Arwen, Steed of Imladris, and Glorfindel. You can easily afford to play if from your discard pile and draw a card, if Steward of Orthanc is in play you can trigger him to draw a 2nd card (once each round).

Play some high-cost allies to quest and kill. Unexpected Courage and Gondorian Shield go on Denethor.

Azain Silverbeard and Mablung go well together because you should always have the resource to trigger Azain's ability.

Look for Elven light 1st, Steward of Gondor 2nd in your opening hand.


May 15, 2018 Arathorn7 11

What a great deck! I tested it against a bunch of scenarios from the ringmaker and the Angmar Awakened cycles and it helped me clear them off. Definitely a "more than meets the eye" deck!

May 15, 2018 TheChad 3354

@Arathorn7thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.