Core - Journey Along the Anduin

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JoostHoppenbrouwer 3

Self-build deck specifically designed for 'Journey Along the Anduin'.

Adjusted version of Wandalf the Gizzard's deck which uses two core sets.


Played 'Journey Along the Anduin' three times.

1 - Defeat: Had no ways to kill the Troll so its attacks caused massive threat gain.

2 - Defeat: Only enemies from encounter deck and cards in my hand with no resources.

3 - Victory: Superb control of the encounter deck. Snared the Troll, used Denethor to look ahead and Dúnhere killed most enemies before they even engaged. Also got enough allies in play to quest through stage 2 in a single round. Score: 227.


'Journey Along the Anduin' is just a really tough scenario when using a deck from a single core set. I tried using Théodred instead of Dúnhere but I feel like the dual-sphere deck is easier to manage.