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tigormiti 653

This is the latest iteration of a multiplayer Rossiel deck I've been testing lately. It used to have Thurindir to get early access to Scout Ahead, but it fell short because of the lack of card draw, which is essential in a deck with so many events. Beravor fixes this shortcoming.

Basic concept

The goal is to cripple the encounter deck by putting some of its key cards in the victory display, boosting Rossiel and enabling The Door is Closed! in the process.

How to play

This is a secrecy deck, so Folco Boffin should go as soon as you can play secrecy cards such as Resourceful. I like to wait until I can put Strider on Rossiel. Strider is ideal for her, allowing to leverage both her questing and defense boosts. A big improvement to this deck was the inclusion of Vanish from Sight purely for economy purposes.

Wingfoot is played on Beravor, so that she can both quest and draw cards on the same turn. It works great in conjunction with the predictive power of Risk Some Light and Firyal.

To further inhibit the encounter deck, Halfling Bounder is included along with 3 side quests. East Road Ranger helps to complete the side quests.

Finally, to complement Rossiel's active location ability, you have Distant Stars, Ghân-buri-Ghân, Explore Secret Ways and Eryn Galen Settler to manipulate the active location to your liking.


This is not a solo deck. This is a low ally count deck built around Rossiel and Strider, and an extensive array of events to put a good chunk of the encounter deck in the victory display. It can't handle combat. The only thing it can do in this regard is to defend against one (1) enemy with Rossiel, with the purpose of burning shadow cards using A Burning Brand.

What it does well instead is (1) questing (15 being a good projection for it) and (2) severely crippling the encounter deck and sometimes shutting it down. I mostly tested it in 2-handed play against Flight from Moria Nightmare, which I believe is my most difficult quest. Best stuff was things like : rearranging the encounter deck to waste Cave Troll as a shadow card, playing The Door is Closed! on surging Swarming Goblins, or discarding a Dreadful Gap location with Distant Stars.