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Devaresh 1230

This deck has been featured on my blog where I talk a little more in depth on some of the nuances:

You know how everyone is always saying Erestor and the Noldor Archype is too slow?

Of course not, but I decided I wanted to see how fast I could go! I took my typically Noldor deck, stripped it down a little and added more acceleration for even more explosive potential.

This deck is a sprinter. It won’t crank out 100 willpower but it will go from zero to 40 faster than any deck I’ve played. If you want a strong deck for most any situation, especially one that comes out of the gate fast, then give this a try!

How does it play?

In your opening hand you will have a wide range of options but it is good to see either To the Sea, to the Sea! or Narya for access to and some of your other acceleration cards. The puzzle comes when trying to figure out the maximum amount of allies you can get out that first turn!

On the slower end of what this deck is capable of you will still be going normal Noldor and Erestor speed. And on the faster side, you can see 4-5 allies out turn one without breaking a sweat.

There is a small splash of tactics which will help beef up your elves a little in longer games, but for the majority of quests you will probably be done before they are needed. You should probably use Elven Mail and Rivendell Bow from the side board in multiplayer to help give more range and sentinel.

For every A Very Good Tale you get played you essentially get a one turn advantage with Erestor, which becomes ridiculous very quickly. It is an early to mid game card because you will very quickly have all your allies out. The wonderful thing about Noldor is every card can be used somehow as the game gets going because you can always use it to heal or as a resource, or some other outlet.

Keep an eye on your Will of the West in your discard pile, and be cautious before you A Very Good Tale if you’ve already seen one go by. Lords of the Eldar is incredible and when combined with Narya you will be putting up substantial numbers on all phases.

The key strategy of this deck is ally management. Who to quest with, who to hold back for combat, who to ready with Narya.


This deck is fast and strong. It handles solo or multiplayer. It takes a cue from the standard acceleration tricks of outlands and fast decks, but applies them to the Noldor Archetype whose allies tend to be more resilient on their own, and effective immediately once they hit the field. They can handle blanked text, they can handle taking a little damage. I haven’t found anything so far that can wipe away my board state once I get going.

This will go in my deck box to bring against the most challenging quests. Give it a try and let me know how this variant works for you!


May 06, 2018 Vgc1205 1

What do you suggest adding if I don’t have the Mountain of Fire (Elladan & Elrohir) or Eregion Surivor? Have all the rest.

May 06, 2018 Devaresh 1230

The Sailor of Lune should swap for Eregion Survivor without too much trouble. I actually used them before switching to Survivor.

For Elladan and Elrohir I’d probably swap in two more copies of Glorfindel, one Imladris Caregiver and one Galdor of the Havens. Or if you want to go deeper on getting Song of Battle out then you could add one more copy of the song, and three copies of Veteran Sword-elf. The twins aren’t essential, just very good. The deck shouldn’t slow down much without them.

Hope that helps!