Na'asiyah in Good Spirits

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Taurelin 170

A deck based on my three favourite heroes in the game.

The basic shell is my Mono-Spirit-Best of. Its core is the combination of Arwen and Galadriel, which is an excellent team to support many other heroes, like Caldara, Círdan the Shipwright, Éomer or in this case Na'asiyah. Galadriel stabilizes your threat and draws cards, while Arwen provides the necessary resources.

(I copied the sideboard almost 1:1. Here Shadows Give Way should be removed, as you can't play it with only 2 spirit-heroes.)

In contrast to the original (with Cirdan), this deck has lower early-game willpower. Therefore it relies a bit more on cheap allies to survive the first rounds. Nenya is extremely helpful in this phase, so you probably want to mulligan for that one. If you can start with Elven-light + an ally, you can keep that hand, too. On the upside, the starting threat is significantly lower, which can make the difference (e.g. down the Anduin).

Note that Na'asiyah doesn't have to pay for too many cards, so she can just keep collecting resources for her innate ability. Usually, you want to put Unexpected Courage on her, except for scenarios in which Galadriel needs both Nenya + her ability constantly.

There are a bunch of 1-ofs in the list, which is not too bad, since those cards are helpful but not essential. Map of Earnil is for longer games: with Map + Dwarven Tomb you can infinitely recycle any Spirit-event, and with Stand and Fight even Allies.

Successful playtesting (solo):

  • Passage through Mirkwood
  • Journey down the Anduin
  • Escape from Dol Guldur (Prisoner = Galadriel)
  • The Hunt for Gollum
  • Conflict at the Carrock
  • The Hills of Emyn Muil
  • The Dead Marshes
  • Return to Mirkwood
  • Into the Pit
  • The 7th Level
  • Flight from Moria
  • The Redhorn Gate (with Éowyn instead of Arwen)
  • Road to Rivendell (with Éowyn instead of Arwen)
  • The Long Dark
  • Foundations of Stone
  • Shadow and Flame
  • Peril in Pelargir
  • The Steward's Fear
  • The Druadan-Forest
  • Encounter at Amon Din
  • Assault on Osgiliath
  • The Blood of Gondor
  • The Morgul Vale
  • Voyage across Belegaer
  • The Fate of Numenor
  • A Storm on Coba's Haven
  • The City of Corsairs
  • Escape from Umbar
  • Desert Crossing
  • The Long Arm of Mordor
  • The Mumakil
  • Murder at the Prancing Pony

Unsuccessful playtesting (solo) so far:

  • A Journey to Rhosgobel
  • The Watcher in the Water
  • Into Ithilien
  • The Siege of Cair Andros
  • Flight of the Stormcaller

Scenarios I can't playtest because Na'asiyah appears as an enemy / ally:

  • Raid on the Grey Havens
  • The Thing in the Depths
  • Temple of the Deceived
  • The Drowned Ruins