Chad's Campaign: Breaking of the Fellowship

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TheChad 3353

This deck is a big departure from the others I have used with this hero line-up in my campaign. Bring on: The Ents.

Breaking of the Fellowship has a lot of archery damage and tough enemies. Making it the ideal quest to bring some Ents into play.

For this quest, I use the Frodo Baggins from the last saga box (unlike Aragorn, you can swap Frodos). His ability has no downside because exhausting The One Ring in this quest is without penalty.

Play Steward of Gondor on Pippin to help Treebeard pay for your ents. Save your resources as much as possible. You only need one Booming Ent really in a solo game. Try to make as much progress as possible each turn. When you advance you should be able to handle stage 2 by having Ents, Feint, Mr. Underhill (if possible), and Close Call.

Choose Orc Hunting as your quest. Hopefully you have a ton of cards in hand, and a couple of those are Wait no Longer. Use those saved up resources to play Wait no Longer, if it pulls an enemy you won't reveal a card, and successful questing discards that enemy! As a bonus, you shuffle the encounter deck making Frodo's Choice anywhere in the deck.

Here is a video of me using this deck to beat the quest: