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Mr Underhill 1637

This is the deck I used to beat The Ruins of Belegost with BGamerjoe. It is a Beregond tower deck, restyled as Tinder Beregond since the aim is to make him go right as often as possible. The partner deck is a version of Thurindir the Snapping Turtle, which handles questing and combat during the late game.

Basic Idea

The enemies and shadow effects in The Ruins of Belegost are really nasty, so the goal of this deck is to handle both of these problems by successfully defending as often as possible. We do this by tooling up Beregond with Gondorian Shield, Raven-winged Helm and Spear of the Citadel. A Burning Brand and multiple readying effects (Lembas, Miruvor, Magic Ring and 6 copies of Unexpected Courage between the two decks) should allow him to defend everything.

The deck can also contribute some questing support, damage soaking and healing. It can also provide resource generation for the second deck since Arwen Undómiel can give a resource to Círdan the Shipwright.

The two sidequests Double Back and Gather Information are free to play and Gather Information is very helpful for the questing deck.

Opening Hand

The best hand would have Song of Wisdom and A Burning Brand as these can be played on Beregond turn 1. Other important cards are the Gondorian Shield and any form of readying. The partner deck handles questing on the first turn, so willpower is not important for you.

Another good start is to play To the Sea, to the Sea!, drop a Rivendell Minstrel and grab the Song of Wisdom to get Beregond ready for A Burning Brand.

Basic Play

There is not much to playing this deck other than equipping Beregond with his toys and then readying him to defend everything. The tricky part is in playing the right cards based on the board state (Do we need a readying effect or an ally? Should I play an ally or pass a resource? Etc) so it may take a couple of games to get accustomed to how the deck plays.

In the early game, don't be afraid to discard allies so that you can prioritise readying and attachments for Beregond. The game will go long and the partner deck has Will of the West, which it should use on you so that you can start drawing cards again once the deck is empty. Try to keep an Elven-light in hand before Will of the West gets played so that you can draw more cards afterwards.

That's about it! Here is our latest attempt if you would like to watch: