The 2-Character Deck (2 Heroes. 0 Allies. Solo-viable.)

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Seastan 16430


In celebration of my 200th published decklist, here is a deck with only 2 characters. This deck discards Folco Boffin on the second turn and spends the rest of the game with just Círdan the Shipwright and Éowyn in play.

Early Game

We use Folco Boffin to play Peace, and Thought then toss him (unless we draw into another Peace, and Thought, in which case we wait another turn) to activate Strider.

With Strider and Light of Valinor in play our heroes do not need to exhaust to quest for a combined total of 10 .

With the big burst of card draw from Peace, and Thought and Cirdan's ability, we quickly find A Good Harvest and put Steward of Gondor on Cirdan so that he's eligible for Blood of Númenor to become our defender. On the same turn you play Steward you can also play Celebrían's Stone on Eowyn to bring her up to 8 .


With Cirdan as the defender, we need a way to kill stuff. Enter Herugrim, which will allow Éowyn to swing for 9 with her other attachments, or more with Elrond's Counsel/Miruvor/her ability.

Sometimes you will be forced to engage multiple enemies, even in solo. So we have Unexpected Courage for Círdan the Shipwright so he can defend multiple times. Unfortunately Herugrim only works once per round, so we have Fair and Perilous to let Cirdan kill stuff, which works especially well with Miruvor which can give him extra attack and a ready if needed!

Healing seems necessary in a 2-character deck since your available health pool for direct damage effects is so small. The best options are of course allies, but to stick with the 2-character concept I had to go with Self Preservation which turns out to perform surprisingly well. You of course will need A Good Harvest to play it if you've discarded Folco.


Once your attachments are all laid out you can be questing for up to 16 with just 2 characters, and that's without needing to exhaust either one of them. If you're trying to do the math here, I've counted Eowyn's ability and I've included 1 from Miruvor each round. This can be kept up even when your deck runs out because you can trigger Miruvor and put it on top of your deck, then draw it again right away with Elven-light so that it doesn't get discarded next turn by Cirdan. Unfortunately you can't keep it up with both Miruvors since you only have the means to discard Elven-light once per round.


I found this deck to be a lot stronger than it has any right to be, and more importantly, fantastically fun to play. It there's anything that takes a long time to get stale, it's the ability to one-shot nearly every enemy with a Herugrim-equipped super-Eowyn.


Jun 27, 2018 eldub 267

Yeah, this looks like something I’m gonna sleeve up, and I’m sure there will be plenty of other hilarious versions that do slightly different things but take advantage of the core mechanic of the deck. Thanks for sharing!

Jun 28, 2018 bdavis96 5

If you want to make Eowyn even more badass, would you consider playing her tactics version, adding In The Service of the Steward to get another Gondor trait, and then adding Gondorian Fire to make her attack off the charts.

Jun 30, 2018 Seastan 16430

@eldubThanks! Would love to hear how it goes!

@bdavis96Fun fact, the first version did use Eowyn's Tactics version with Gondorian Fire going on Cirdan. It was also pretty strong. But I preferred to share this version since some people are tired of seeing Gondorian Fire in Voltron builds. I also enjoyed having to depend on Herugrim, as it's a card I often criticize.

Jul 02, 2018 SamthemanGamgee 219

Cool deck, I can't wait to try it out just proves why eowyn is such a good hero

Jul 04, 2018 Seastan 16430

@SamthemanGamgeeThanks! Let me know how it goes!