The Tower of Pain 2.0 (Gloin Jank) *CotR Deckbox*

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AtaruSlash 2931

Updated after many, many plays

The Gloin Tower of Pain deck got me through some hard times back in the Mirkwood cycle. Back when enemy attack values were low and resource generation was lower, making Glóin into a conduit for punishment was one of the burstiest, most ridiculous resource accelerators around. Sadly, as enemy attack values increased, that engine became harder and harder to get rolling, and (for me, at least) the deck fell into legend.

Then, when asked on the spot what deck I'd like to see more support for, much like the Ring, this deck decided it wanted to be found once more. It turns out though, after looking at the state of the card pool, we've been getting useful pieces to update this deck for a very long time.

To back up and confirm the basics, the deck makes use of Glóin's ability to rack up tons of cash, then use that cash to turn out big allies.

Early game, ideally you want to see a Song of Battle and Ent Draught, to help get the engine rolling. Then, you slap on Citadel Plate, Self Preservations, etc. until Glóin is making you money hand over fist.

This deck has some really fun interactions:

Song of Mocking & Treebeard- With Song of Mocking on Glóin, you can use it to, at will, generate resources. How? Treebeard's ability allows you to damage him as an action, which you then can redirect to Glóin. Cash money, when you need it. Caveat: if you do this Treebeard does not receive the stat bonus, since you are replacing the cost of the effect. But you get your monies, and that's what matters.

Lembas & Treebeard: Almost always, the lembas in this deck go on Treebeard. It allows him to quest or defend, damage him for extra oomph, and then ready up for an attack later, which can now be a bigger attack, since he's also healed.

Galadriel: Ally Galadriel is a monster in this deck. Glóin can almost always pay for her, and she can dive down and grab a free Self Preservation, that song you're lacking, Lembas, you get the idea. Then she orders your deck up so you know what you're drawing.

Sideboard & other options:

The aggro approach: If you're feeling like living on the wild side, you can sub Deep Knowledge in for Mithrandir's Advice and a copy or two of Favor of the Valar.

Narvi's Belt- I use Song of Battle in place of Narvi's Belt in this case for pacing purposes. Being able to pay anyone's single resource to get it on the board can often save you a turn at least before you're rolling, and in a deck that is super reliant on a combo, pace matters. It works just fine though.

High Cost Lore Allies: I kept the lore cost curve in this deck decidedly low so that including only the song of battle is not a hindrance. However, if you go with Narvi's Belt, you can pay for anything.

Lay of Nimrodel: If you're playing the Narvi's Belt variant, a late game 20+ willpower Glóin can be a thing. A thing of beauty.


Apr 20, 2016 jodudeit 14

I love the description for this deck. Reading about all the shenanigans you can do sends my combo-loving heart into overdrive!

May 25, 2016 christottey85 53

Came looking for this after listening back to episode 89 of the podcast and look forward to trying this uy

Aug 31, 2016 serre 44

you could include narvi's belt for blue resource and add 1 fall of the galahad an landroval. then with your treabeard / gloin combo. you destroy treabeard with his abiility and you can reduce your threat by 13 and with landroval you put treabeard back into play... so basically you get 5 resources on gloin and reduce 13 threat and 1 victory if you calculate your scores :)

Aug 31, 2016 serre 44

perhaps adding head the dreams, so you can get both fall of galahad and landroval :)